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Swedish/relaxation Massage:
This traditional, therapeutic massage technique incorporates numerous flowing strokes with varied pressure and passive stretching to sooth both your tired body and mind, while increasing circulation and lymph flow.  This is an excellent, full body treatment for overall relaxation, stress relief and rejuvenation.

Deep Tissue Massage:
For those needing relief from severe or chronic muscle tension, headaches, injuries or sports related aches and pain, or if you simply tend to prefer a more firm massage, this is the massage for you.  A combination of deep tissue, myofascial release, and postural assessment is used to create a session that will address your specific needs and target the muscles that are causing you pain or discomfort. Deep tissue massage is perfect for area-specific work.  This therapeutic massage will reduce your stress, ease muscle tension and pain, and restore balance to your nervous system, while completely relaxing you.   (Please see note below regarding definition of true deep tissue massage) 

Deep Tissue Hand and Foot Massage:
Like your hands and feet massaged?  This is the treatment for you?  Focused, detailed massage and range of motion work on the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the hands and feet will increase overall relaxation, increase overall flexibility and decrease stress.  You will walk away feeling lighter, rested, and energized.  

Integrated General Reflexology
The feet and hands act as self-tuners for the rest of the body:  movement of the feet (or hands) stimulates the whole system. Reflexology is the application of pressure techniques to the hands, feet or ears to affect another part of the body. Reflexology sessions can be 30, 60 or 90 minutes long and can be added to a massage.  For a more detailed explanation of reflexology please visit the "Reflexology" page or visit  (Client remains fully clothed)

Manual Lymphatic Drainage:

Lymphatic drainage massage is a vital part to improving overall health.  It is a very light touch that mimics your bodies natural lymphatic pump. Unlike other systems in your body your lymphatic system can only rely on exercise, gravity, and movement to filter the lymphatic fluid through your body. Lymphatic drainage massage can be used for pre surgery, to boost the immune system and post surgery to push unwanted fluid away and filter it through the system; is extremely effective with draining sinuses; reducing pain caused by inflammation; draining excess fluid caused by lymphodema; post mastectomy work; plus many more.  Please feel free to contact me with questions regarding manual lymphatic drainage massage.

Head, Hands & Feet~Zenergy Signature Service:

Enjoy 90 minutes of Zen.  This treatment focuses on your face, hands and feet.  The treatment begins with a lymphatic facial and ear massage, then, moves to your arms, hands, legs and feet.  This deeply restorative treatment quickly releases tension throughout your body.  You will walk away relaxed yet energized--ready to face the remainder of you day.

Complex (Complete) Decongestive Therapy Program:

Considered the gold standard for the treatment of both primary and secondary lymphedema, as well as venous insufficiency edema.  The program combines manual lymphatic drainage, exercise, bandaging, compression garments and self care.  Please see CDT page for more information.

On-Site Massage & Integrated Reflexology:

Recent studies have shown that just 10 minutes of chair massage or reflexology not only reduces an employee's stress level but increases focus and productivity.  Used on a regular basis or for a special occasion, on-site massage is a great reward for your employees.  See on-site massage page

Women's Wellness through Reflexology:

Many of our clients choose Reflexology as part of their wellness plan - to find balance for body, mind and spirit. I do not simply treat symptoms but rather the whole person.  Sessions range from 30 minutes to 90 minutes in length and are customized to the goals and needs of the client. For more information on reflexology and women's health please visit

 Pet Massage:
I also provide massage for the other member(s) of your family, your pet.  For more information regarding this service please visit

***Please inquire about additional specialty massage modalities such as Neuro-Muscular Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Energy Work, Advance Posture & Gait Analysis, and more.

Deep Tissue Defined:  True deep tissue work is more than deep pressure.  Deep tissue massage is a modality that treats the deeper muscle layers and any “knots” (adhesions) in those muscles.  The work has a specific protocol, treating the attachments (origins and insertions) first then working through the muscle bellies.  The work is done slowly and meticulously thus avoiding damaging the tissue.